General Chemistry (I)
General Chemistry (I) is one of the core courses in the department which serves as the foundation for many upper level courses. Students will consider how scientific knowledge is acquired, applied, and communicated, as they explore many of the key concepts central to the science of chemistry.

General Chemistry (II)
The course is an advancement of General Chemistry (I), where students will dive deeper with the knowledge acquired from the previous course. In addition to chemical bonding, intermolecular forces, solutions and colloids, and chemical equilibria, challenging topics like organic chemistry, kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions, and electrochemistry will be introduced.

Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry is an introductory course to polymer science and engineering, covering the synthesis and structure, the crystalline and glassy states, solution properties and phase behavior, mechanical and rheological properties of polymeric materials.

Introduction to Nanotechnology
This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to synthesis, processing, characterization, and applications of nanomaterials. Specific topics include nanoparticles, nanomaterial synthesis and nanofabrication, cutting-edge characterization tools, functional nanomaterials, and bionanomaterials.